How to stop automatic formatting by Evernote for Mac

Hi I’m guchi!(@bloguchi_en

I’m heavy user for Evernote. For examples, memo, ideas, draft of blog articles.

Although I used it conveniently, I had discomfort from when sometime update. I will show you how to solve it.

Automatic formatting by Evernote

If you enter [—] or [*] at the beginning of the line, it will automatically be converted to rich text format.


Enter 3 hyphens and press the Enter key to convert them to ruled lines.


Although it may be harder to understand than the ruled line, enter the asterisk and press the enter key to automatically convert it to the list format.

Numbered list

If you enter a new line with numbers + dot + space, it will be converted to list format.

Can set by settings

There is a menu as to whether to automatically set environment setting or not.

For those who do not want automatic formatting settings, uncheck [Preferences] -> [Format settings] -> [Automatic formatting].

Because what I use is Japanese version, the UI is Japanese. Sorry.

Please tell me if there are wrong expressions or words.

Thank you for reading my blog. See you next time.