How to web scraping information of Google Play Store by PHP

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What’s Web scraping

Scraping refers to tag analysis of a website to acquire necessary information.

As the site composition of the publisher changes, it is necessary to correct it accordingly, so it has a sense of interim feeling but it can be utilized when the dedicated API etc. are not disclosed.


Release by Google code archive. Please check from here

Usage is very very simple. Web scraping is possible just by accessing the URL as shown below.

$html = file_get_contents('';);
$doc = phpQuery::newDocument($html);
echo $doc["title"]->text();

Google Play Store

So, how to get information from Google Play Strore is just to change the above URL to【パッケージ名】&hl=ja.

It may not have been such a thing to explain, well, it is such feeling. Of course, you can specify classes other than title, get it withid and do a variety of things.

Please tell me if there are wrong expressions or words.

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