Introducing Japanese Summer holidays

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I will also introduce Japan’s holiday this time.

Holidays of Summer

Summer is from June to August. For articles about spring holiday please check the following.

Holidays of June

The holidays is nothing. It is only this month that there are no holiday. Japanese June has many rainy.

Holidays of July

  • Jul. 16
    “Umi no hi” It is called the marine day. The marine day was originally a civilian anniversary called “Sea Memorial Day”. It was decided to be enacted on the national holidays as a “Umi no hi” in 1996.

Holidays of August

  • Aug. 11
    “Yama no hi” It is called the Mountain day. This day is first new holiday in 20 years since “Umi no hi” in 1996. As this day was enacted, the month without a holiday only became June.

Next time is Autumn.

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